Bundaberg’s AvoFresh: New records for exports to Malaysia

Bundaberg-based AvoFresh’s innovative avocado spreads and classic guacamole have been welcomed by avocado lovers across Malaysia.

After launching in March 2023, AvoFresh is now available in most major retail chains across the country.

‘The future for growth in Malaysia remains extremely optimistic,’ says Yale Morgan, Export Manager for AvoFresh. ‘We are looking forward to many years and relationships ahead.

‘Our hope is AvoFresh becomes a known, quality brand for Malaysian consumers and they continue to enjoy the convenience and quality of AvoFresh.’

A new way of serving avocados that retains freshness


AvoFresh was created in 2010 by father and son, David and Trent De Paoli. They saw an opportunity to provide lovers of avocado with a convenient alternative to the traditional methods of preparing this nutritious fruit.

The innovative process involves peeling and pitting the avocados at the peak of their ripening. A unique cold-pressed, high-pressure technology delivers the product into convenient tubes and tubs. This ensures the highest levels of freshness and retains a natural taste and texture.

Made with a minimum of 95% cold-pressed avocado in every pack, AvoFresh has no artificial colours or flavours. The AvoFresh range is available in squeezy tubes, single serve and resealable tubs. It comes paired with 2 flavours, a “hint of lemon” or “lime & black pepper”.

A growth market for avocados

Only a few years ago, avocados were considered an “impulse buy” without broader acceptance across the Malaysian market. Today, Australian avocados are displayed prominently at the entrance to many supermarkets.

Sales are experiencing strong growth as Malaysian consumers seek healthy alternatives for snacks and lunch. Foodservice outlets are increasingly using avocado in their recipes, often with a local twist.

Austrade assists Malaysian market entry

ABF media

Malaysians’ increasing interest in healthy products meant it was a perfect time for AvoFresh to diversify beyond established export markets such as New Zealand and Singapore and launch into Malaysia.

Austrade’s Kuala Lumpur office provided advice, market insights and introductions to importers, distributors and retailers.

Advice on marketing strategies through traditional channels and social media was also an important consideration in building the AvoFresh brand and consumer acceptance.

AvoFresh’s Export Manager Yale Morgan says David De Paoli, Owner and Managing Director, and the AvoFresh team, are thrilled to have their AvoFresh “Ripe and Ready” products in most of the major retail chains in Malaysia.

The AvoFresh team has visited Malaysia regularly over the past 12 months. They have received a warm welcome from customers and have been encouraged by the level of interest in Australian-made, Australian-grown products such as AvoFresh.


‘I would like to thank the Austrade team for the initial introductions and assisting us in developing stronger relationships within the Malaysian market,’ says Morgan.

Industry engagement with Avocados Australia

Austrade works closely with peak industry and marketing bodies to coordinate marketing campaigns, promotions and market visits that help open doors and make business connections.

A delegation of Malaysian buyers recently visited Atherton, in far north Queensland, home to over 100 avocado growers. The delegation was assisted by Austrade and resulted in a greater understanding of the quality of Australian avocados.

Austrade also assisted a market visit for Avocados Australia and a delegation of avocado growers, many of whom were visiting Malaysia for the first time. The visit succeeded in building commercial connections and a better understanding of the market for avocados in the post-pandemic period.

‘We greatly appreciate the support from Austrade in promoting Australian avocados in Malaysia,’ says Flora Zhang, Export Development Manager, Avocados Australia. ‘The recent outbound and inbound missions provided valuable opportunities for our exporters to establish new connections and strengthen relationships with existing trading partners.

‘The high-quality reputation of Australian avocados has helped us capture over 60% of market share in Malaysia. With ongoing support in brand building and educational initiatives, our goal is to further increase our Malaysia-bound avocado exports.’

Reputation for safety and quality supports exports

Australia has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly food products. Malaysian consumers perceive Australian avocados to be of superior eating quality to most competitors. Australia is well positioned to maintain and grow its market share.

Strong branding, innovative product promotions and enhancing educational information at point-of-sale will all serve to ensure increased growth in Australian avocado exports.

Source: Austrade


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