Countries with the highest average tourist visa fees

What are the most expensive countries for official documents like passports and visas?

It’s no secret that obtaining identification and travel documents can be costly. Whether you’re organising your international health insurance, purchasing a new passport, working towards your driving licence or filling out a visa form, it’s important to know how much you could be spending.

By taking a look at visa, passport and driving licence fees across the world, we’ll explore which documents are the most expensive to obtain, as well as which countries’ passports provide us with the most mobility.

Tourist visas can be used for various reasons, such as holidays, visiting family or friends, volunteer work or medical procedures. All figures are taken as an average for each country-to-country tourist visa cost and are rounded to the nearest US$, £ or €.

Highest cost

United States


Average tourist visa fee: US$127 / £107 / €120

The country charging the most for a tourist visa is the United States, with an average fee of US$127.

As well as the standard requirements for tourist visas, you may also be asked about the purpose of your trip, evidence of employment/family ties, and your ability to cover the costs of your trip.

New Zealand

Average tourist visa fee: US$106 / £89 / €100

The country with the second highest price for a tourist visa is New Zealand, with an average fee of US$106.

ABF media

New Zealand tourist visas allow you to include your partner and dependent children (aged 19 and under) in the same visa application.


Average tourist visa fee: US$90 / £76 / €85

The country with the third highest tourist visa costs is Australia, with an average fee of US$90.

If you are applying for an Australian tourist visa, you must pass the country’s character requirements. These mainly revolve around whether you have a criminal background, particularly in offences relating to domestic violence, people smuggling/trafficking and harassment.

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