Blazing a path for Australian internships in Singapore

University of Wollongong Law and International Studies student Amelia Frey has done more than open opportunities to further her own career through the New Colombo Plan, she has paved the way for more law students to study and intern in Singapore.

Drawn to Singapore because of its reputation as a global arbitration hub, Amelia knew it would be a perfect fit for someone invested in making a career in international law focusing on justice, inclusivity, and equal opportunity.

Amelia has already interned at King & Wood Mallesons, one of Asia’s leading law firms with offices across Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East, and is now at Investment NSW in its new office in Singapore.

She says she hopes the connections she has made during her internships will support other Australian students hoping to live and learn in the region.


“I was motivated to forge new connections with Singapore firms to provide my fellow law students at the University of Wollongong with international opportunities and a path for building engagement and interest in the region,” Amelia says.

“I’ve been able to develop professional network with colleagues from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and China.

“Singapore is an incredibly diverse country that celebrates each culture within it, connected by strong harmony and integration.”

NCP scholar Amelia Frey meets Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs Tim Watts MP in Singapore.

Arriving in Singapore by night Amelia says she was blown away by the size of the city and its technological integration highlighted by a laser beam show from Marina Bay Sands and holographic prints on the Art Science Museum.

“Within just a few weeks I had sense of belonging and that has grown stronger every day,” she says.

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The study component of Amelia’s NCP scholarship at Singapore Management University has also opened the door to new relationships and long-lasting friendships with local students.

Amelia says she has been part of the formation of The Vine Collective, a Singapore association designed to build connections, both through social media and in-person activities, between local university students and students from across the world who are studying in Singapore.

“I have been able to develop meaningful connections with many Singaporean colleagues and peers,” she says. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to share cultural experiences from the whimsical – introducing them to the iconic Australian ‘Tim Tam Slam’ – to deeper conversations about culture, background, beliefs, and world views.”

She says she is thrilled to be the first NCP intern at the recently opened NSW Investment Office in Singapore.


“This has paved the way for future NCP scholars and given me a global stage to connect with like-minded professionals across the Asia-Pacific region and collaborate across offices to achieve strong trade and investment outcomes,” she says.

Amelia with Phoenix Chiu, a colleague from the King & Wood Mallesons’ Hong Kong office.

Amelia says the Investment NSW team has nurtured her personal interest in the digital and technological sectors, enabling her to undertake a comprehensive trade and investment research report into the gaming sector.

“Through that research I’ve been able to identify trade and investment opportunities for Singaporean game developers wanting to enter Australian markets, and to address cybersecurity and hacking risks across games, particularly play-to-earn models that adopt cryptocurrency payments,” she says.

“My mentoring team is energetic and supportive and has provided wonderful guidance and supported my passion for learning in digital sectors, centring trade and investment outcomes in my interest areas. 

“And as their first intern, it has also meant I’ve been able to support the new internship relationship between Investment NSW and the NCP.

“Looking beyond the program, I’m excited about the prospects of returning here to pursue a career in international arbitration and disputes.”

Source: DFAT

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