TikTok data reveals most desired languages to learn in 2023

Following a 110% increase in Google searches worldwide over the last 3 months for ‘what is the best way to learn a new language’, we now have free social media platforms such as TikTok to guide us. English has been revealed as the most popular language to learn on TikTok in 2023, with a staggering 10.3 billion views for videos with hashtags ‘#Learn English’.

The experts at Revision Centre analysed hashtag data on TikTok, to reveal the most popular language users are learning on the social media platform.

Most popular languages to learn in 2023

Language rank and total TikTok hashtag views:

  1. English: 10.9 billion
  2. Chinese: 2.6 billion
  3. Korean: 2.0 billion
  4. Japanese: 1.2 billion
  5. French: 1.1 billion
  6. Spanish: 1.1 billion
  7. German: 633.8 million
  8. Arabic: 413.8 million
  9. Russian: 296.8 million
  10. Turkish: 233.5 million
  11. Sign Language: 65.6 million
  12. Portuguese: 32.2 million
  13. Urdu: 20.4 million
  14. Punjabi: 15.9 million
  15. Hindi: 15.0 million
  16. Telugu: 9.7 million
  17. Indonesian: 7.1 million
  18. Bengali: 754,500
  19. Marathi: 8,033
  20. Javanese: 3,742

English is the language people are learning most on TikTok.

Revision Centre can reveal that English is the language people are learning the most on TikTok with 10.9 billion hashtag views for  ‘#Learn English’. This is 8.3 billion views more than for ‘ #Learn Chinese’ in second place with 2.6 billion hashtag views.

‘#Learn Chinese’ places second with 2.6 billion views, 600 million more hashtag views than ‘#Learn Korean’ in third place. Chinese is spoken in many countries, such as Hong Kong, China, Macao, Singapore and Taiwan. However, With 1.2 billion native speakers, Chinese has the highest prevalence in China.

In third place is ‘ #Learn Korean’ with 2 billion hashtag views on TikTok. This is 900 million more hashtag views than French in fourth place with 1.1 billion views.

In fifth place with 1.1 Billion hashtag views on TikTok is ‘#Learn French’. French is the official language of 29 countries, and is estimated that around 12% of the European Union’s population speaks French as a first language, making it the fourth most widely-spoken European language.

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Placing fourth with 1.2 billion hashtag views for ‘#Learn Japanese’ which is 100 million more hashtag views than for ‘#Learn Spanish’ in sixth place with 1.1 billion hashtag views.

Source: revisioncentre.co.uk


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