Australia rejects Myanmar’s sentencing of economist Sean Turnell

The Australian Government rejects today’s court ruling in Myanmar against Australian Professor Sean Turnell and calls for his immediate release.

Professor Turnell was tried in a closed court. Australia’s Chargé d’Affaires and consular officials in Myanmar made every effort to attend the verdict but were denied access to the court.

The Australian Government has consistently rejected the charges against Professor Turnell during the more than 19 months he had been unjustly detained by the Myanmar military regime.

We will continue to take every opportunity to advocate strongly for Professor Turnell until he has returned to his family in Australia. We acknowledge the strong international support shown for him, including from our region.


Professor Turnell is internationally respected for his work to support the people of Myanmar and their economic development.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will continue to provide consular assistance to Professor Turnell and his family for as long as required.


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