The keys to market in Indonesia 2022

According to Asialink, there are several large regional markets and many more niche and micro-niche markets within Indonesia. The consumer market is scattered over about 17,500 islands, where tastes and preferences vary. Prices are also variable with the mixtures of cultures, population sizes and differing levels of economic development making marketing in Indonesia challenging. A one-size-fits-all marketing strategy will simply not work.

Thus, here are 4 keys to achieve efficiency in marketing in Indonesia.


Thinking outside the box should be a top priority when it comes to marketing and advertising in Indonesia. A creative method will distinguish your brand from the competition. There are various ways to gain viewer interest and attention with creativity. Posting meme to interact with followers on social media is one of the methods many brands have been using these days.

Know your audience


As mentioned previously, customers tastes and preferences vary in Indonesia. No matter the effort you put into your marketing plan, if it is executed to the wrong audience, the results will likely be minimal. Knowing your customers will allow your business to customize and create relatable content for the viewers. As a matter of fact, customers tend to choose brands that they can relate to. Thoroughly understand your target customers will also give you the upper hand in competing in that specific market.

Go digital

Indonesians are genuinely avid users of the Internet. Digital technology is playing an increasingly large role in reaching Indonesia’s dispersed and assorted customers. Currently, television advertising and personal recommendations are the main sources of consumer product information (Asialink). Therefore, make sure you pay extra attention to your brand’s digital channels when marketing in Indonesia. Remember that customer experience, whether online or not, can be the key to success.

Understand brand preference

Management consultant McKinsey have discovered that Indonesians have a higher preference for brands than the consumers of other nations when they were at similar development stages, including China. Local brand preference is particularly high, with 60 per cent of Indonesians preferring them, particularly in food and beverage categories.



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