The 2 keys to success in Asia

International trade and investment opens up opportunities for expansion and prosperity


Despite noticeable impacts of the inflation, Asia has shown great resilience and adaptability amidst crises. Asian economies suggest considerable momentum, opening up windows of opportunities for businesses within the regions. However, initiating a business doesn’t guarantee success in what is an extremely competitive market. 

Past cases of business performance have revealed two key barriers to success in Asia. The first one is the lack of insights and the second one being the absence of relevant business connections. Asia, with the blend of cultures, traditions, populations and varying economic levels, has specific differences in preference for almost everything. It is impractical to go into the market without the right understanding. Nonetheless, businesses need mutual-beneficial networks in the market to maximise their efforts.

As Asian countries are bouncing back rapidly post-covid, the regions will soon be the golden destination for business expansion. To fast-track and take advantage of this opportunity, businesses need to start strategizing today.


Recognizing the issues, Australian Business Forum (ABF) has brought together the key ingredients to achieving success within the Asia-Pacific. Hosted by ABF, Australia-Asia Business Week provides an excellent opportunity to attend a major focus on the “Pathways to Asia”.

Scheduled on the 15-16 November 2022 at Marvel Stadium Melbourne, Australia-Asia Business Week presents high-profile forums and networking functions, including:

– Australia-Asia Forum Sessions
– Australia-Asia Exhibitor Showcase
– Australia-Asia Mix at Six Networking Function
– India Now – Business Leaders Luncheon
– Celebrating 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Australia and China Luncheon

This event brings an indepth focus on India, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

1. Understand the markets

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Businesses who wish to expand to the Asia-Pacific need to gather more than just information on the internet but directly from industry experts and leaders.

As a major function of the Australia-Asia Business Week, Forum Sessions offers insights, expertise and knowledge on the latest trends and developments in the region presented by over 60 high-profile speakers, promoting trade and fostering greater understanding.

Australia-Asia Business Week Forum Sessions includes:

Day 1: Focus on China, Hong Kong and Vietnam

Day 2: Focus on India, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines


2. Network with the right people

Connecting and engaging with the right people enables your business to not only attain more opportunities but also gain confidence from being visible and noticeable.

Join the Australia-Asia Business Week Exhibitor Showcase to meet face-to-face with cross-border businesses, government, and industry bodies that offer unique products and services that enhance and streamline operations within the Asia-Pacific. Discover the latest products, tools and technology creating business growth and opportunities to scale within the region.

There is no better place to network with hundreds of Asian business leaders, reach new markets and consumers, build trust with potential clients, and scope out the latest competition.

Australia-Asia Business Week Exhibitor Showcase is a boutique showcase of leading Asia-Pacific businesses, government bodies and industries groups aimed at empowering B2B relationships across the region and bringing exhibitors’ business to the front of their potential customers.

The 2-Day Showcase will draw in over 60 exhibitors and 1500 visitors.



Develop your Asia Strategy at Australia-Asia Business Week 2022


Join us at the Australia-Asia Business Week on 15-16 November 2022 at Marvel Stadium, Melbourne



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