Is your business ready to grow its footprint?

Australia is on the hunt for transformative and high-value businesses in future-facing industries to drive innovation, create jobs and turbocharge our economy.

We understand that expanding your business into a new location is a big decision. That’s why we help facilitate the move for eligible businesses so you can hit the ground running with the right team around you.

Whether you’re leading a top-tier company or a successful transformative business looking to scale your big idea, we’re here to smooth the way.

What are we offering?

Guidance and advice to help you relocate and set up your business in Australia

— Information on workforce availability
— Connections to legal advisors, financial institutions and real estate agencies to help you find suitable business premises
— Information about infrastructure and facilities Australia-wide

Local intelligence about competitive advantages within your industry

— Market data and key statistics
— Industry-specific knowledge such as demand determinants, barriers to entry, competition and key players

Fast track visas for you and your critical staff

— The Global Talent visa with permanent residence for you and eligible family members
— A range of temporary or permanent visas for executives and critical staff and their families to help you quickly establish your
business in Australia

Information about incentives, grants and funding pools

— Advice on Commonwealth and state and territory incentive opportunities
— Guidance on preparing and submitting Government funding applications
— Introductions to private capital sources

Connections to government and industry networks

— Facilitated meetings with the Commonwealth, state/territory and local government agencies and bodies you may need to help establish your business in Australia, including the Treasury, Australian Taxation Office’s New Investment Engagement Service and the Major Projects Facilitation Agency
— Introductions to essential industry networks, including potential investors, customers, suppliers and supply chain partners
— Access to world-class research partners, including universities and research centres

To be eligible for support

Your eligibility will be assessed against your business’ capacity to:

  • Create large numbers of Australian job
  • Invest significantly in Australia
  • Add economic value to Australian society
  • Deliver new technologies and IP
  • Drive cutting-edge R&D
  • Create or contribute to clusters of expertise, especially in future-facing industries
  • Increase Australia’s economic and supply chain resilience

Why Australia?

Vision backed by investment
ABF media

Reap the rewards of our powerful blueprints for national prosperity. We have comprehensive policies and plans for our exciting industries, backed by targeted investment.

The business bottom line

Rich stream of capital and credit combined with competitive tax rates make Australia the ideal base for your business. Set up here – and succeed.

Generous grants and incentives

Australia offers nearly A$70 billion in grants, incentives and funding pools to Australia-based companies across priority sectors.

Imagine, innovate and collaborate

Australia champions business trailblazers with innovation precincts, incubators and partnership programs.

Access to talent

We have a large, world-class talent pool for you to draw on. And a range of visa options for any international talent you need.

In the zone

Australian companies have direct access to the dynamic markets of the Asia-Pacific region and do business in the same time zone.

We celebrate our diversity

Australia is home to the world’s oldest living culture, as well as every faith, race and heritage. Almost a third of Australians were born overseas.

Lifestyle is our superpower

Free and fun with liveable cities and the time and means to enjoy them. If you’re looking for a healthy economy that’s safe and stable, it’s time to plan your next move.

Source: Australian Government


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