Asian marketing trends to watch in 2022

If you want to stay relevant as a brand in Asia, you can’t miss out on these marketing trends in 2022.


There’s seen a rise in the usage of automation in the recent years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as chatbots or predictive marketing can help with solving customers’ problems through website navigation, demand forecast and content creation. Automation creates the flexibility for marketers to interact with customers via different platforms, automating email marking is an example.

User-generated content

This type of content is created by the buyers voluntarily. Shoppers will post online specific products that they love and the brand can share or re-post them. Though this trend is not unfamiliar to marketers, it works regardless. User-generated content gives brands the opportunity to deliver a realistic image reflecting a real customer’s personal experience.

Short video content

Short video content has been dominating most of the major social media platforms starting from TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Short content is extremely useful in grabbing the viewers’ attention. It utilizes relevant information, sounds and people combining with the right editing to create an entertaining video.

Live streaming


Live streaming is shifting the way users interact with their audience. Live-broadcasting replaces physical distance with virtual interaction e.g. viewers can leave comments under the video for the streamer to see and respond in real time. This allows a lively connection to form almost effortlessly between the streamer and the viewer. It also encourages in-the-moment actions such as making a purchase or going to your business’ website. It’s real time, people don’t want to miss out.

Social media advertising

Social media channels are an important part of any effective digital marketing strategy. But as a business owner, just sharing organic content on your page won’t cut it anymore. To see results in 2022, you need to start social media advertising.

Email marketing

Although not the newest technology, email can help you build relationships with an audience who has expressed interest in your brand by signing up for your email list. Via email, you can share news about your business, special offers, blog posts from your website, and various other kinds of content to help build relationships and encourage conversions.



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