Doing business in Japan

Japan is the world’s third largest economy after the US and China, and has a credit rating and business climate on par with most developed countries. Japanese consumers are well educated and have high levels of disposable income, and Japan is one of the world’s largest consumer markets – however it has been affected by the emergence of neighbouring countries offering cheaper manufacturing, and its growth has averaged less than 1% over the past two decades.

However Japan remains an immensely powerful force in the world of trade and commerce, and a key partner for Australia.

Some of the key features of Japan:

  • A stable business environment with an impartial legal system and efficient bureaucracy
  • World- class infrastructure, from the famous bullet trains to a network of highly efficient sea ports
  • A cultural and economic powerhouse that can set trends not just across Asia, but around the world

Japan is one of the world’s economic giants, a modern and sophisticated powerhouse that ranks behind only China and the United States in the global economic rankings. Its biggest industrial companies are household names around the world – think Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Yamaha and dozens of others.


Japan remains an immensely powerful force in world trade and commerce, and a key business partner for Australia. It is our second-largest export market, behind China, and our second-largest source of foreign investment. Importantly, bold reforms being implemented by the Japanese Government are set to open up new opportunities for Australian businesses, and a new chapter in a long and prosperous economic relationship.


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