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Doing business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been popular with Australian businesses for decades – and for good reason.

This world city is ideally positioned for international trade, and is a magnet for companies keen to take advantage of growing markets within the wider region, as well as reach Hong Kong’s own affluent population.

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Strategically located at the crossroads of China and North Asia, most cities in Asia are less than a five-hour flight away. Hong Kong also enjoys easy access to the Pearl River Delta in southern China, a global manufacturing centre and one of the fastest-growing regions in the world.

Doing business in Hong Kong is an attractive proposition for many reasons:

  • Hong Kong enjoys a clean and efficient government system and the rule of law is well-established
  • A booming tourism industry which attracts more than 60 million tourists a year, Hong Kong is an ideal market for establishing a presence in the region
  • Enjoys a highly educated and skilled local population while attracting talent from around the world (international workforce)

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