China’s retail sales up 29.6 percent in the last four months

China’s economy is rebounding at a rapid rate, which is evident in the country’s consumer spending. Chinese consumers, many of which have not left China since the beginning of the pandemic, are spending more on consumer goods domestically.

With an open economy and closed international borders, Chinese people are keeping their money domestically and helping boost the economy post covid.

China’s retail sales of consumer goods went up 29.6 percent year on year in the first four months of this year, the National Bureau of Statistics said Monday.

The growth reversed from declines seen in the first four months last year, when consumer spending was disrupted by the COVID-19 epidemic.


Average January-April growth for the past two years stood at 4.2 percent, the NBS said.

In April, retail sales surged 17.7 percent year on year and was 8.8 percent higher from the 2019 level. The two-year average growth was 4.3 percent.


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