Australia–India cyber partnership grant program submissions end next week

Applications are now open for a new Australian Government grants program. The program aims to encourage collaboration on new cyber technologies between Australian and Indian organisations.

Submissions close on 5 February 2021, and grants are available to Australian organisations in partnership with an India organisation, and vice versa.

Grants to focus on three key areas

The new Australia–India Cyber and Critical Technology Partnership (AICCTP) program will prioritise grant applications in three areas:

  1. Ethical frameworks for emerging and critical technologies
  2. Development of critical technology standards
  3. Technology research into global marketplace trends, ethical frameworks, or technical standards for emerging and critical technologies.

Relevant technologies include: Artificial Intelligence (AI), next generation telecommunications (5G/6G), Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, synthetic biology, blockchain and big data.

Applications and eligibility


For more details about the program and on how to apply, please review the AICCTP program announcement on the High Commission for India’s website.

To be eligible, organisations must be:

  • located in Australia and have a partner institution that is located in India; or
  • located in India and have a partner institution that is located in Australia.

A full list of organisations eligible for the grants is available on the High Commission site. Joint applications involving more than one organisation will be considered.


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