China’s railway ticket-booking website sells over 3.1B tickets annually

China’s official railway ticket-booking website,, and its mobile app sold more than 3.1 billion tickets in a year, according to the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd.

The website has become the largest real-time ticket transaction system in the world.

According to statistics, 15 million tickets were sold by the website each day while 700 tickets were purchased every second at peak time.


The average daily pageviews of the website were more than 150 billion. Tickets sold on the internet accounted for 82.8 percent of all the tickets sold in China.

An online standby system was launched last month on the website, enabling passengers who have failed to get desired tickets to be waitlisted and subsequently receive the tickets when other people change or cancel their tickets.

Since the standby system went online on May 22, about 2 million tickets were reprocessed by June 21.

The 12306 ticket-booking website was launched in 2011 to firstly serve the Beijing-Tianjin intercity train, and has been constantly improved with new technologies such as facial recognition.


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