Online Marketing: The Industry Where Everyone’s an Expert


Have you ever tried Googling digital marketing agencies? If so, you would have noticed there are a lot of options available. You probably would have also observed that many of these service providers proclaim to be “experts” in their field.

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, marketing is always an important consideration – and for many it can be the difference between success and failure. With this in mind, it becomes clear that choosing the right digital marketing agency is a very important business decision.


The bandwagon is full

The digital marketing industry is booming, and consequently every man and his dog have jumped on the bandwagon. Unscrupulous marketing providers (and home-grown cowboys) have entered the marketplace in recent years, saturating the web with unethical and expensive digital practices. In 2017, it’s fair to say this bandwagon is well and truly overloaded! Everyone claims to be an expert: SEO experts, social media experts, PPC experts…the list goes on. Some even promote themselves as straight out “marketing experts”.

In the digital age, the marketing landscape changes quicker than Clark Kent in a phone booth. Techniques and practices that worked a charm one day are outdated and superseded the next. The point here? Being a true expert in this field is no mean feat, and many who claim expert status are running off the knowledge they acquired from reading a couple of (probably SEO-optimised) blogs.

In an industry that’s multi-faceted and changing by the day, it’s virtually impossible for an individual to be a true expert on all fronts. The issue is that those in need of digital marketing may not have a sound understanding of what it involves. Many businesses know they need a website and understand the benefit of being “on Google”, but that’s often the extent of their knowledge. How to get there and what the journey involves is a mystery, and therefore they often place their trust in an expert to get it all done for them.

For those looking to enlist professional help, choosing the right service provider is critical – and for those on a smaller budget, there may only be one chance to get it right. Choosing the wrong “expert” is not only a waste of time and money – there is also the potential that an incompetent provider could damage your web presence through black hat SEO tactics, spammy marketing methods or by pushing your brand to the wrong audience.

ABF media

As a business, you simply can’t afford to partner with the wrong agency – it’s that simple.


So how do you sort the genuine experts from the cowboys?

When searching for a marketing agency, you want to find a partner that meets your needs and delivers actual results. To achieve this, research is critical – businesses need to ensure that agencies are thoroughly vetted before signing on that dotted line.

The issue is that many business owners don’t have the time to sit down and study the digital form guide; there are thousands of service providers out there and only so many hours in the day.


Backed by more than 10 years of industry experience, Marketing Quotes is a 100% independent advisory service born from the realisation that marketing services are not regulated in Australia. Their service is based on a simple premise: sort the experts from the cowboys. Businesses looking to engage a digital marketing firm can request up to five quotes via one easy enquiry; agencies are matched based on location, industry experience and price. It’s then a matter of picking one from the short list that best suits your needs and budget. The service is 100% free and businesses are under no obligation to sign with any of the agencies provided.


To learn more, call 131 059 or visit today.




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