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 BAU’s 3 Green Star Residential Community in Cheng Wang


BAU wins Yaxi urban planning project

Brearley Architects + Urbanists has won first prize in an urban planning competition in Yaxi, 50 kilometres south-east of Nanjing. The proposal will allow for the doubling of the town’s population to 50,000 people. BAU have applied their Networks Cities approach to design a liveable, and sustainable water town urbanism. BAU’S proposal includes a major green network of eco corridors, recreational corridors and commercially active water networks.
ESD strategies developed with Drees and Sommer consultants include a local heating network fed by energy from biogas and waste heat of existing industrial activity, and a smart energy grid, which allows the integration of renewable energy sources.


BAU’s Yaxi urban planning competition proposition has been awarded first prize


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BAU’s 3 Green Star Cheng Wang complex

BAU has completed stage one of its 3 Green Star sustainable housing project in Cheng Wang, Nanjing. Each of the 995 apartments are predicted to consume approximately 36 percent less electricity than the 3 Green Star prerequisite, and 70 percent less than the regulation.
To achieve this efficiency, the project utilizes passive strategies and active systems, the most effective system being a geo thermal heat pump in combination with embedded radiant heating and cooling.

BAU’s Nanjing U-Lake incubator

Stage one of the Nanjing U-Lake Incubator Complex, designed by Brearley Architects + Urbanists, has opened. R+D offices, incubator, hotel, and apartments make up the bulk of the 240,000 m² building mega-complex. The incubator is designed as an extensively connected horizontal realm whilst other programs are situated in five intersecting towers. The project is registered for LEED and China 3 Green Star Sustainability Accreditation.

BHI’S Green Star project in Zaozhuang

BHI Architects has recently gained certification for its 2-star, China Green star office complex in Zaozhuang. The buildings are sited to address a new 145ha forest park landscape axis. The three-level podium comprises an internal ‘pedestrian street’ as a landscaped linear atrium, providing access to customer services for six government departments, above which three towers of varying levels rise up to 20 stories. Natural lighting and ventilation through layered facades and tower atriums are key principles to achieving thermal comfort and energy efficiency.


Anken Life opens in Shanghai

Anken Life is the latest project from Shanghai-based Anken Group. The 24-hour lifestyle building is located in Shanghai’s Jing An District and consists of several one to three storey buildings and offers an affordable, sustainably designed, centralized facility for complimentary businesses and professionals within the wellness field.
Whether it be F & B, Retail, Office or Studio Space, the focus on quality services, facilities and programs in one location will be implemented through a tailor made strategy; one which provides appropriate services, contemporary urban facilities and a diverse range of businesses and programs –offering a positive focus on health and fitness for people of all backgrounds and ages.


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