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The Murray Region stretches along the Murray River, which forms much of the border for Victoria and New South Wales (NSW). The Murray region is a major contributor to the Australian Dairy industry. 22% of dairy export is from the Murray, 9.4% of this is to China.

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The Murray Region encompasses prime agricultural land, with its alluvial soil and irrigation providing an ideal base for some of Australia’s largest food producing industries.

With such a vast range of agricultural produce at their doorstep, many international food processors have established manufacturing plants in the Murray. Manufacturing is an important industry in the region and supports a large number of complementary businesses. It’s strengthened by a sophisticated transport network, with close links to metropolitan markets.


The Murray Region offers a rich lifestyle for residents with a strong retail sector, high quality restaurants, affordable housing and close proximity to major cities. The two large centres of Mildura and Albury-Wodonga are located at opposite ends of the region, providing city living in rural settings.

This is complimented by picturesque landscapes and the Murray River itself – boosting the local recreational and tourism industries and providing range of activities along the waterway.

The Murray Region comprises a 139,938 square kilometre area along the Murray River, across both NSW and Victoria. The Murray Region is well serviced by road and rail infrastructure, linking with the Hume Highway and is within a reasonable distance to major cities including Melbourne and Adelaide.

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The Murray Region is an excellent place to live, work, visit, invest and do business.

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A Vibrant Economy having added more than 7,000 new residents over the past decade, the Murray Region’s current population (320,149 in 2011) is expected to grow by another 12.8% over the next two decades.

The Murray Region’s local economy generates an estimated $18.2 billion in gross regional product and is diversified with strong agriculture and manufacturing sectors supported by retail and support services in the larger centres and a growing tourism sector.

With over $100 million worth of projects completed in the Murray Region over the past year and an additional $352 million worth of major projects currently planned or underway, the Murray Region is an attractive investment destination. The Murray Region is open for business. Good accessibility, lower than average wages, strong supply of local labour and affordable industrial and commercial properties all make the Murray Region an attractive and competitive place for business activity and investment.

Murray Now offers industry tours to Chinese Delegates through our many partners in the region, and our local government engagement.

A number of Murray Now partners export to China. Byford Equipment is one in particular who has set up a manufacturing company in Murray Region.


Excels in Agriculture and Food Manufacturing

The Murray Region is an agricultural powerhouse, producing citrus fruit, grapes, nuts, vegetables and olives alongside grains and livestock. The local agricultural industry directly accounts for more than 12% of local employment and 17% of total industry value add for the Murray Region.

Local produce is leveraged through down-stream supply chains and processing clusters, resulting in strong and interconnected local food manufacturing and transport industries. As a result, manufacturing is a strong industry for the Murray Region accounting for over a tenth of the region’s employment and total industry value add.

Strong Accessibility

The Murray Region is well connected through extensive road and rail infrastructure to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, providing easy access to major consumer markets. These connections also provide a wide variety of options for export/import access, providing opportunities for business to reach markets world-wide through major ports in NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Provides Diversified Opportunities for Growth

The Murray Region has a diversified economy with labour specialisations across not just the traditional sectors of agriculture and manufacturing; though also retail trade, health care, education, accommodation and food services.
There is also a range of further diversification opportunities available for the Murray Region, including, professional scientific and technical services, and tourism.

High Quality of Life

Increased investment to improve the Murray Region’s overall amenity and ambience, coupled with population growth over the past decade, is indicative of the highly desirable quality of life the region offers.

Housing is 1.5 to 2 times more affordable in the Murray Region than NSW or Victoria more generally. This coupled with high amenity, makes the Murray Region a sought after destination.

A highly popular holiday and leisure destination, the Murray Region is visited by more than 5 million visitors each year looking to experience the region’s unique landscape and scenery, including the Murray River.

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