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Holding a Chinese A Class architectural license has given ANS International Design and Consulting business the opportunity to initiate projects all the way from concept design through to documentation within the same office.

ANS International Design & Consulting Pty. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary Australian design company founded in 1997 and offers expertise services in the fields of Urban Planning, Architectural design and Interior Design.

ANS is dedicated to the creation and shaping of the built environment with the goal of enhancing quality of life and lifestyle of the end users by combining form, function, technology and design throughout its creative process.

ans_terrycai_thumbANS has its design headquarters in Shanghai, and branch offices in Beijing, Wuhan and partner studios in Australia. ANS’s team of specialist designers are leaders in their field of expertise and are supported by the combined resources of 100 diverse team members ensuring that the company is well positioned to consult on all aspects of the design industry.
Since ANS’s inception, Terry Cai, Managing Director and original founder, was determined to bring Australian design expertise into China. Terry’s cross cultural project and life experience between Australia and China positioned the company well to expand its business throughout China.
ans_tony_corkill_thumbTony Corkill, master planner of the Sydney Darling Harbor project led ANS’s planning department to establish a strong reputation as an Australian design company with aninnovative and fresh approach to planning within a conformist Chinese planning environment.
Joe Lau, a registered architect from Australia took over as Design and Planning Director of ANS in 2009. Joe joined ANS after 20 years of planning and architectural experience on major projects throughout Australia and Asia. He was responsible for the master planning and concept design of BOAO Forum for Asia and the Sea Temple chain of spa resorts in North Queensland.
ANS projects have won numerous awards and acclaims over the years. Our latest award winning projects include two awards for the 2012 Shanghai Young Architectural Design Golden Innovation Award, Shanghai Municipality, for the full design service on 16 Pier Phase II in Shanghai and the Tianjin Binhai Shipyard Urban Renewal project in Tianjin.
Our planners approach every project with a fresh outlook, considering every project on its own set of unique social, geographical, cultural, commercial and financial circumstances. Our goals go beyond exceeding client expectations, to create socially and environmentally responsible projects to improve the lives of the end users.
Our projects have been diverse and covered much of Mainland China. Past projects have ranged in size from large strategic master plans covering areas over 100km2 to small mixed use developments within city blocks.

Our designers are aware of the earth’s finite resources and our design philosophy has always been to minimize carbon footprints with any development we are responsible for. This philosophy is applied as early as the planning stage by encouraging our clients to consider creation of walk-able neighborhoods.ans_shanghai_16_pier_phase_ii_web

“We are fortunate that our understanding and strategy for the China market has been spot on. We understand that as an international design company, we don’t just provide innovative ideas, but we also need to have the local expertise and capability to ensure that the ideas can be fully implemented in the final built products. In order to achieve this goal, we had to form a specialized team of designers with diverse international and local experience incorporating our unique methodology.
“For example, for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, we were key designer for the Chinese Private Enterprise Pavilion and we are currently engaged to provide full design services for the 16 Pier Phase II Ferry Terminal located along Shanghai’s Bund. Being a holder of a Chinese A Class architectural license gave us the opportunity to follow a project from concept design through to documentation within the same office,” says Terry Cai, sharing ANS’s operation strategy.
The ANS outlook is capitalize on China’s demand for professionally designed interior spaces as the Chineseans_tianjin_binhai_shipyard_urban_renewal_webproperty market continues to mature.
ANS’s young but burgeoning interior department has already successfully completed several hi-end clubs and restaurants throughout Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, including Beijing’s famous Suzie Wong club and Muse on Shanghai’s Bund.
We are confident that Interior Design will be strong area of growth for ANS in the coming years. 

*Pictured: Top: ANS’s Shanghai 16 Pier Phase II and Bottom: ANS’s Tianjin Binhai Shipyard Urban Renewal.

*To learn more about ANS in China, visit:


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