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Wealth Design Concepts & management would like to take this opportunity to thank you for utilizing our services and letting us help educate you with the structures of doing business in Australia. Please note, a lot of this information has been collected from government regulators / bodies; they are the governing bodies which set the regulations /guide lines for doing business within Australia.

We want to give you the knowledge and assistance through this education program, which can help you enter into the Australian business market; from this information we need to understand that there are time frames / guidelines which need to be met and understood, before you as the consumer spend your capital, in certain situations this may be a capital loss for your business plan.

We will help you with further information, documentation, professional services, to help you with your business plans in Australia, as seen there are a lot of differences between our countries with regulatory / government protocol and the way in which our countries do business. As part of our business model we would like to educate you regarding this protocol, thus to save you excessive expense and reduce time restraints which may follow due regulations set forth by the Australian government.


From government reports and information collected from organisation like Australian China Business Chamber / Australian Indian Business Chamber, there are a lot of Chinese / Indian businesses / professionals / students wanting to expand and become affiliated with Australia at many different levels, that is where we can help you obtain the information needed and show you the areas which may present time delays / excessive costs / non – production of business and reduce costs to management.

As we are a broad based business, we place a lot of emphasis on education, we are alarmed at the lack of education within the market place, due to these problems society faces, we are addressing them within this education program; also we address topics in our education programme “Your Money, Your Lifestyle” all directed at letting and informing you of how to understand business in Australia and making “Your Money Work for You”.

As discussed above, we have formulated this information from different governing bodies and utilized our own market knowledge within the Australian business market; we look forward to helping you with information and any questions which you may have regarding your business / doing business in Australia / moving to Australia. If we don’t have the information or answers which you require we will organize the information for you with our professional business contacts.

Wealth Design Concepts and management would like to thank you for utilizing this service and we look forward to helping / working with you in the future. Please look at our business flow chart and direction on the next page.

Director – Will McFarland
Company name: WDC Consulting
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Daniel Wang
Position: 中国区负责人
Chinese Name:王晓丹
Contact Number: +61 449 156 656

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