Publisher’s Letter: Welcome the Year of the Rabbit


By now we are well and truly into the New Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit. I have participated in my fair share of new year rabbit functions and festivities, public and private, and I have listened to the many variations of the rabbit personalities.

And, as the tradition seems to go in China, the traits and characteristics of the particular lunar animal for the year, are interpreted and then transferred to the expectations of the country’s performance for the course of the year.



From what I have learnt from my many rabbit events so far this year, and from my ownexperience as the owner of a magnificent pet hare, Rudy (pictured), is that these animals are synonymous with being peaceful, sociable, friendly and gentle animals.

What I have not heard included in the many discussions relating to the Year of the Rabbit expectations however, are the other less talked about rabbit character traits of extreme sensitivity, the ability to move suddenly and quickly in unexpected directions, or to hide for great lengths of time and simply do nothing.

I have no doubt that the political environment in China will continue to be peaceful and gentle, yet cautious in line with the rabbit’s conservative nature.

The more relevant question though, is whether the economic forecast for China this year will be on the basis of slow and peaceful growth, in line with the rabbit’s style of conformity and lack of interest in risk taking behaviour, or whether it will have sudden growth spurts into unexpected directions, which can be equally attributed to the erratic behaviour of a rabbit.

My guess is that it will be a combination of both – and that Australia will continue to benefit from its strong relationship with China so long as our two-way trade continues to present benefits for both countries.

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May the Year of the Rabbit be a prosperous one.

Carl Jetter,

Publisher, Australia China Connections


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