Philanthropy-China Style


An Asia Pacific Centre for Social Investment and Philanthropy workshop to be held in Shanghai in October, aims to tap into China’s growing philanthropic community.
As China becomes increasingly wealthy, flush with the success and wealth generated over the last 35 or so years of trading with the West, we have seen a recent transformation in the level of social investment, corporate responsibility and philanthropy taking place in China.

It seems fitting then that the Asia Pacific Centre for Social Investment and Philanthropy (APCSIP)
based at Swinburne University is holding a one day, Asia Pacific Social Investment and Philanthropy Workshop in Shanghai on Monday October 18.

The event will bring together 70+ experts from China and Australia, including academics, heads of foundations, government officials responsible for policy and leading corporate social responsibility practitioners.

The event will be held in the VIP section of the Australian Pavilion at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai and is being generously supported by the Australia China Council. The APCSIP, itself a partnership between Swinburne University, the University of New South Wales, the University of Melbourne and the University of Western Australia, plans to bring 10+ leading “Western” experts to Shanghai to engage a similar number of China’s leading thinkers and practitioners.


“While Australia may have a bit of a head-start in terms of the policies and practices currently guiding philanthropy and social investment, China has the sheer scale to be a significant player in this space both domestically and internationally,” says Dr. Michael Liffman, APCSIP Director.

It is hoped that the workshop will be a first step in sharing of best practice and knowledge, followed up by further exchanges of staff, joint research, training and long-term cooperation.


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