Highly Profitable Niche Manufacturing Business For Sale in Australia


You are an Aussie expat who has been thinking of returning to Australia (for a sea change) only if there is a good opportunity in Australia! Well, here’s an incredible business opportunity that you may have been waiting for!

This unique niche manufacturing business is based in the fast growing corridor of Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Here are the reasons why you want to own this business:

★  Revenue had been growing by an average of 35% in the last 2 yrs and is likely to continue growing fast!


It has an incredible gross profit margin of 65% and an operating margin of over 35% (yes, over 35%!) even after factoring a managers wage!

It has a very secure clientele base (mostly city councils who have growing appetite for its products)!

It has been dominant in Queensland and has grown nationally over the last 2-3 years.

It has unique competitive advantages that will be difficult if not very costly for its key competitors to duplicate!

It can become a national dominant player if the future owner combines this business with its top 1 or 2 key competitors

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This business is an ideal candidate for a competitor or a good entrepreneur to take it to the next level!

Sales (2009-10): $AU1.93 million

Gross Profit Margin: 65%

Adjusted Net Profit: $AU 739,000 approx. (under semi-mgt)

Asking Price: $AU1.50 M + SAV ($200K)


Please contact Patrick Lui via email: plui@nbs.net.au or by mobile: +61 (0) 412-888292


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