Session Type: Keynote Strategy Panel

Session 3: What trends are driving the Fintech revolution in India?

Various macroeconomic factors, such as enabling government and regulatory initiatives, India’s demographic dividend, rising national disposable incomes, a large unbanked population, improved internet access and smartphone penetration, and a rapidly evolving e-commerce marketplace, are driving Fintech growth in India.
This session will address the important themes influencing the future of Fintech in India, as well as how the Fintech sector is expanding in key service and technology categories.

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Session 5: Overview of China’s booming e-commerce sector, from social commerce to live streaming

The growth in China’s digital businesses is a positive driver in the global economic recovery. Within the Chinese economy, the e-commerce sector has reached maturity, and modern consumers expect much more from their shopping experiences than just tempting discounts. Enter livestreaming e-commerce. Where is this new kind of trade going, and how did it grow so wide-spreadly in China?

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Session 2 – Key takeaway and national priorities from China’s lastest Five-Year Plan; green industries, innovation, and digitalisation

The 14th Five-Year Plan, just released by Chinese policymakers, outlines their goals for societal and economic growth (2021-2025). As China’s economy increasingly contributes to sources of growth, trade, and investment in the global economy, this is crucial for understanding not just the future direction of China but also the Australia-China relationship.

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