Event Date: [Day 2] Wed 16 November 2022

Session 8: Decoding the new Vietnamese consumer in 2022

The consumer markets in Vietnam are increasingly diversifying, upgrading, and digitising. Companies may tap into significant momentum, but in order to capture the hearts and minds of Vietnamese consumers, they must address issues about which areas to join, how to engage with customers, and how to maintain a balance of localisation and agility.

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Session 7: How to source industrial suppliers in Vietnam?

With the world’s third fastest expanding economy and a youthful yet highly qualified workforce, Vietnam is quickly becoming a prominent location for manufacturing and providing products. Vietnam aggressively supported growth by opening 50 new industries to international investment and eliminating rules in hundreds more. This session covers the guidelines and recommendations from experts to find suppliers and manufaturers in Vietnam.

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Session 6: How to capitalise on Vietnam’s emerging middle-class; Australia’s Enhanced Economic Engagement Strategy in Vietnam

Vietnam’s expanding economy and middle-class population provide substantial prospects for Australian businesses. The expansion in foreign direct investment in Vietnam gives an opportunity for Australian firms to expand their investment footprint in education, manufacturing, agribusiness, logistics, financial services, and specialised services.

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Session 5: Overview of China’s booming e-commerce sector, from social commerce to live streaming

The growth in China’s digital businesses is a positive driver in the global economic recovery. Within the Chinese economy, the e-commerce sector has reached maturity, and modern consumers expect much more from their shopping experiences than just tempting discounts. Enter livestreaming e-commerce. Where is this new kind of trade going, and how did it grow so wide-spreadly in China?

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Session 4: Hong Kong – an alternative gateway into China’s market

Hong Kong is the most competitive and global financial hub in China. By offering additional services including wealth management, insurance, maritime finance, and aircraft financing, it has been extending its position. Hong Kong has potential advantages to grow and become a more varied worldwide financial centre during the next 25 years.

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