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China is China

Let’s be clear about this. China is China. Nothing has changed inside China (other than a bit more assertiveness towards the outside world than we’re used to).

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Supertall Skyscrapers

There are many ways to track China’s rapid economic progress during the last 20 years but one, in particular, will appeal to the fans of

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TikTok and Zoom

  If I asked you to name the two online platforms that have experienced global exponential growth during the Covid19 crisis, you would probably say TikTok and Zoom.

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Worst case scenario

Some fairly sobering commentary coming from Beijing last week with the latest headlines saying “China’s economic strategy shift shows Xi Jinping is preparing for the

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China News

  I’m often asked how long it takes me to write my daily China Bites, what inspires me to come up with new ideas every day

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Saving Face

  Slowing things down and seeing things from a macro perspective, my view of western economies is that they: were all in trouble before the crisis (with record debt

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Owning HSBC Shares

When I lived in Hong Kong in the late 1980s, everyone I knew owned HSBC shares. In those days it was known as the HongKong and

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Making up is hard to do

What would you do if you posted something sensitive on social media and, in the process, upset one of your best friends? You would probably

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The Circus Comes To Town

On top of all of the other social and economic disruption caused by Covid19, it’s especially unfortunate that, at the same time, we have to

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First Movers

Being a few months ahead of us throughout this Covid period, China is a good source of clues, indicators and pointers that, in theory, should

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