Luca De Leonardis

Dr Luca De Leonardis is the Head for Australia and New Zealand at Invest Hong Kong
(InvestHK), the Government Department responsible for attracting and facilitating foreign
direct investment into Hong Kong.
With senior management experience in both the private and public sectors, Dr De
Leonardis’s work experience combines international marketing, economic and business
development and investment promotion.
Prior to joining InvestHK, Dr De Leonardis spent five years as Deputy CEO of the Italian
Chamber of Commerce in Australia. He also worked in New Zealand, Canada and South
Africa for private companies and trade organizations and in Brisbane as Adjunct Senior
Lecturer at Griffith University.
Dr De Leonardis holds a Ph.D. In Economics, a Master in Management & Strategy and a
Master in International Trade from Bologna University and two advanced diplomas in
Business and Management and Economics.

Luca De Leonardis
Luca De Leonardis
Head of Australia and New Zealand, Invest Hong Kong
Invest Hong Kong, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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