Session Type: Panel Discussion

Session 8: How to outsource your back office to the Philippines

Philippines is an outsourcing heavyweight with the well-enforced business process oursourcing (BPO) sector. From creative enterprises to call centres, digital marketing, IT, accounting, and more, the country provides a wide spectrum of experienced and professional yet low-cost services, seasoned with the world-renowned Philippine hospitality.

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Session 6: Singapore -Gateway to South-East Asia

With a customer base of over 669 million, Southeast Asia (SEA) is bursting with commercial potential as the world’s future economic powerhouse. Singapore is well-positioned to help enterprises’ regional development expansion goals across key pillars such as technology, innovation, and manufacturing due to its strategic location and ranking as one of the world’s top logistics hubs.
This panel is a discussion about why and how Singapore is your gateway to success in SEA.

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Session 8: Decoding the new Vietnamese consumer in 2022

The consumer markets in Vietnam are increasingly diversifying, upgrading, and digitising. Companies may tap into significant momentum, but in order to capture the hearts and minds of Vietnamese consumers, they must address issues about which areas to join, how to engage with customers, and how to maintain a balance of localisation and agility.

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Session 7: How to source industrial suppliers in Vietnam?

With the world’s third fastest expanding economy and a youthful yet highly qualified workforce, Vietnam is quickly becoming a prominent location for manufacturing and providing products. Vietnam aggressively supported growth by opening 50 new industries to international investment and eliminating rules in hundreds more. This session covers the guidelines and recommendations from experts to find suppliers and manufaturers in Vietnam.

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Session 4: Hong Kong – an alternative gateway into China’s market

Hong Kong is the most competitive and global financial hub in China. By offering additional services including wealth management, insurance, maritime finance, and aircraft financing, it has been extending its position. Hong Kong has potential advantages to grow and become a more varied worldwide financial centre during the next 25 years.

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