Event Date: [Day 1] Tues 15 November 2022

Session 8: How to outsource your back office to the Philippines

Philippines is an outsourcing heavyweight with the well-enforced business process oursourcing (BPO) sector. From creative enterprises to call centres, digital marketing, IT, accounting, and more, the country provides a wide spectrum of experienced and professional yet low-cost services, seasoned with the world-renowned Philippine hospitality.

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Session 6: Singapore -Gateway to South-East Asia

With a customer base of over 669 million, Southeast Asia (SEA) is bursting with commercial potential as the world’s future economic powerhouse. Singapore is well-positioned to help enterprises’ regional development expansion goals across key pillars such as technology, innovation, and manufacturing due to its strategic location and ranking as one of the world’s top logistics hubs.
This panel is a discussion about why and how Singapore is your gateway to success in SEA.

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Session 3: What trends are driving the Fintech revolution in India?

Various macroeconomic factors, such as enabling government and regulatory initiatives, India’s demographic dividend, rising national disposable incomes, a large unbanked population, improved internet access and smartphone penetration, and a rapidly evolving e-commerce marketplace, are driving Fintech growth in India.
This session will address the important themes influencing the future of Fintech in India, as well as how the Fintech sector is expanding in key service and technology categories.

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