Get your b2b content noticed on Facebook by posting the right content regularly at the right time of the day.

Facebook is the second biggest website in the world. This is a social media platform that 2.41 billion people use to catch up with friends and family. In this social arena, people post photos of the meals they are having. The post photos of the people they are catching up with, and the holidays they are enjoying. Mums and Dads proudly post photos of their children and sportspeople post about their wins. And friends tag each other in entertaining or informative content that they know the other would find interesting.

The people who are using Facebook regularly as a news source are Mums, Dads, daughters, sons, cousins, friends and colleagues. They are also your potential clients.


So how does your B2B contribute to this ecosystem of frivolity and fun while gaining a return on your Facebook investment?


Firstly, it’s important to recognise that people using Facebook are there to catch up on their social life. They are not there to search for business solutions. They are not there to be sold to. People use Facebook as a time-killer, a distraction from reality and in some cases, for a hit of endorphins. So our content needs to satiate this desire. The best way to do this is to publish content that will add value to their lives. If we can entertain, educate and inspire people with our Facebook content, they will pay attention.

A great example of this type of content would be for one of your professional staff to post a short 3-4 minute video sharing some interesting, easy to understand tips about a topic that your business’s target audience would be interested in. Even better would be a video citing a real case study. Storytelling is extremely powerful in any medium.


Facebook insights (available with a Facebook Business Page) will show you that people tend to use Facebook at several points throughout the day and week. To ensure that your content gets maximum visibility, it is recommended that you post when your audience is online. However, I also recommend that you overlay the insights data with an understanding of what your client is doing. Understand what they are doing at different times of the day or week and what mindset they might be in.

For example, I wouldn’t recommend posting a serious video about a complicated business topic on Friday afternoon. This time of the week is typically when hard-working business owner’s attention for work is starting to wane, and they are instead focusing more about what the weekend holds. This video might fare better posted on a Wednesday afternoon (or morning) when business owners are still in a work mindset.


ABF media

Put simply, your momentum on Facebook will never build if you don’t invest in promoting your content. This platform has been ‘pay to play’ for a good many years now and will continue to be. As a business page, you will simply not get the exposure on your content if you don’t pay to get it in front of the right people.

You can do this at a basic level by boosting your posts. I also recommend that you use the Facebook Ads platform for its sophisticated targeting functionality and the ability to optimise content for what you are trying to achieve (video views, collecting email addresses, driving traffic to your website etc.).


To increase awareness of your business, to stay front of mind with potential clients, to build a brand and to drive leads and sales, a persistent and consistent approach to any of your marketing efforts is highly recommended.

This particularly applies to your Facebook marketing efforts. Posting prolifically one week and then not posting anything for three months will stall your Facebook marketing efforts. The Facebook algorithm rewards a business whose content is engaged with consistently. The more you post and the more engagement those posts get, the more Facebook will expose your content to more people.

Also, the more you post, the more people will start to get to know, like and trust your people and your brand.


Facebook is no longer a platform that can be ignored when it comes to using it as a marketing platform. While it may not immediately seem a logical fit for a B2B organisation, your clients are without a doubt using Facebook, which means that you should be.

Make sure you are posting the right content regularly at the right time of the day and week. Investing in this way will ensure that your B2b content is noticed on Facebook.


Source: SmallVille


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