Making the most of Shanghai Free Trade Zone

The Australian National Exhibition and Trading Centre, located in the heart of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, is open for business, offering Australian companies unparalleled opportunities in their business ventures in China.

Since September 2013, the new Shanghai Free Trade Zone has been open for business. The 28.3 square-kilometre zone, located in Shanghai’s Pudong district, is a pilot free trade zone designed to further open up the economy to the private sector. This will entail unprecedented opportunities for foreign businesses, including Australian companies, to operate and trade in China.

The Australian National Exhibition and Trading Centre – ANETC – is located at the heart of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone’s Waigaoqiao area and is part of policy initiatives introduced by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in May 2013 to promote Sino-Australian international trade and relations. ANETC is also supported by the Australian government.

ANETC reception webAustralian company, AusChina Investment Management Pty Ltd and its fully owned subsidiary in Shanghai – ACIM Shanghai, has been granted the exclusive right to manage the operation of the ANETC in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.


pic: ANETC foyer.

The business hub brings together Australian businesses, trading companies and financial institutions, all housed under the one roof of this commercial centre, to benefit collectively from the reputation of brand Australia in China.

The advantages for Australian companies based out of ACIM are boundless: companies will not have to register to operate in China, and can work in a jurisdiction of familiar laws and regulations.

Australian brands are also protected through ACIM’c strict intellectual property protection and verification mechanism. ACIM has also established several distribution channels to facilitate the sales of Australian goods and services. And direct factory outlets will be established in the capital cities of each province in China, in addition to four large scale shopping malls (we call them ANETC cities) in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and the emerging central Chinese city of Changsha.

ANETC wine tasting room webNew policy initiatives introduced by the Chinese government will be closely monitored to assist Australian businesses within the centre to take full of advantage of favourable regulations. With its business experience in both Australia and China, ACIM is proud to be in a position to provide a series of value-added services to promote and facilitate Australian companies to understand the unique business environment in China and smooth the way for better access to the Chinese market.

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pic: ANETC wine tasting room.


Growth in China at low risk and low cost

• Contracting with an Australian company – ACIM Pty Ltd, with full protection by the Australian Corporations Act
• Lower learning costs of legal environment and business conventions in a foreign country
• With the convertible Renminbi, repatriation of full profits back in Australia
• There is no need to register a company in China, but use ACIM Pty Ltd as the sales representative
• There is no need to setup an office in China, but use ANETC’s fully functioning facilities

Market access and distribution channels


• Australian companies can sell their products via ANETC’s retailing channels
• Liberalization policies at SFTZ guarantee market access for Australian companies
• Fully recognized by the Australian and Chinese governments, ANETC will become the nexus of Sino-Australia trade. Its visibility and popularity is unprecedented
• Australian companies will have access to wellestablished marketing and distribution channels via ANETC’s internal and external trade fairs

Exhibition and trading

• Products and services are exhibited all year round, offering great exposure opportunities to customers
• Enjoy full flexibility in exhibiting and trading a variety of goods and services
• Australian companies will have access to world-renowned infrastructure and facilities – local transportation, warehouses, banks, logistics, and other facilities, including apartments, restaurants, shops, schools and leisure facilities.

Preferential policies from the Chinese government

• No tariffs and other trade barriers within the SFTZ
• Ready to benefit from any concluded free trade agreement between China and Australia.
• Have access to highly liberalised and transparent policies in trade, investment, and finance
• Business centric – less government interventions but stronger legal protection
• Highly simplified procedures in dealing with stakeholders
• Progressive currency convertibility and low conversion costs

For more information about the ANETC or to register your business, visit: or contact Dr He-ling Shi E: M: +61 (0)430 600 430.


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