Key Pointers for Embarking on Business with China


Make sure to get the greetings right and learn some valuable tips about conducting a business meeting including using an experienced Chinese Interpreter to make the right impression and give your proposal the best chance.
Our new book will guide you whether you are heading to China, or receiving visitors at home:
• Have a culturally appropriate Chinese business card ready to hand out
• Hierarchy – meet and greet the most senior person first – with the most senior person in your organization
• Have your materials ready to use and hand out in Chinese translation and make sure the translation is good and laid out correctly in powerpoint and/or brochures
• Take your own experienced Mandarin Interpreter to business meetings
• Dining out – host goes first and be prepared with some polite words for toasting
• And there’s lots more helpful advice.

You can obtain a copy of our book for free:

Chin Communications, Level 8, 350 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000


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